5 Reasons Charcoal is a Solution for Your Beauty Scratch

As wooden masks and toothpaste began to flood the Instagram feed, we thought of a dirty antidote.

Because activated carbon is a real hero (in the sense that it was treated with oxygen to more effectively remove impurities) if it is a naughty barbecue or a horrible sound like that on Santa’s list. And for just good reason.

Charcoal is a good news for skin, hair, teeth, like a magnet attracting and absorbing dirt and dirt such as oil.

Jennifer Hirsch, a beauty specialist at The Body Shop, said: “Asian civilizations used charcoal for detoxification for centuries, which is now seen in everything from skin care to health drinks. “In particular, bamboo is getting more and more popular as bamboo is a sustainable source of plants, which means that once mined it will grow very quickly from the same root.

1. It will give you shining skin

“Although the benefits of cleaning coals that remove dirt are attractive, the unique ability to remove impurities is perfect for places with a lot of oil and clogged pores,” Jennifer says. Please benefit from the purification mask like the popular Himalayan charcoal mask of The Body Shop. This vegan mask you can bully can last up to 10 minutes. In other words, I have enough time to play the skin. Rinse, please discover healthy shine and finer visible pores. If you need special things, please use the facial brush of the body shop.
2. This will make your teeth whiter

This may seem counterproductive, but steaming can bring you a white smile. Activated carbon in toothpaste is not new, but it is getting more and more popular among people cleaning work. Charcoal works by adhering to tooth plaque and dirt, attracting dirt in the same way as removing impurities from pores and whitening teeth. However, please use normal toothpaste. As charcoal is not sanitary goods, please do not drop Colgate yet.

3. It will get rid of your hair of fat

If you are looking for a perfect scalp and shiny, shiny rock, you should consider using charcoal shampoo. Activated carbon can absorb more than 100 times the weight of impurities and it becomes an excellent hair cleanser. We are a fan of Oribe Clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, oils and scalp by bare stripping and deep cleansing. Her hair does not feel light like air, but the scalp is healthier, faster and stronger. victory.

4. It will help to clear your skin
Charcoal is not only the winner of face mask, it is also used for soap of face and hand. The new Body Wash Shop Facial Cleanser removes impurities and reduces redundant oil to make it more healthy and light skin. In addition to cultivated bamboo charcoal, it also contains tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, which is known for its cleansing properties. Oh, it’s 100% vegan, and each time I buy a bar, The Body Shop * will donate to the Red Panda Network to rescue the Himalayan extinct red panda. Beauty products that will help you do good things? Goods of.

5. It detoxifies you
This hangover means dull dehydrated skin and swollen and tired eyes and no one wants it. No, charcoal can not cure it, but its activated form has been a poisonous body for centuries. And black things are added to the drink to speed up these hangover inducing toxins. If you are feeling dizzy and looking forward to being like a zombie, please drink Botanic Lab Refuel + and restart the system.

* Collect these benefits from the beauty of charcoal and save the red panda of the Himalayas that may threaten extinction. For the Le Body Shop Himalaya Charcoal Purifying Lotion Mask or Purifing Facial Soap sold before April 30, 2018, the body shop will donate to the Red Panda Network . For details, please visit the website of the body shop.

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