Why Missoma is a jewelry brand you need to invest in RN

Marisa Hordern, who created Missoma of Meika Markle and is working with one of the world’s leading bloggers

Most Missoma jewelry brands need introduction. If you are not known as one of Meghan Markle’s most popular fashion brands, you’ve probably seen it in Instagram thanks to super cool collaboration with leading Lucy Williams.

How to collect crystals in a few minutes? Marisa Hordern, the founder of Missoma, reveals everything.

How did the brand start?
I can say that he was born as my mother gave me the first crystal when I was 5 years old. After spending my pocket money on jewelry, I made jewelry at my kitchen table, much more than the collection and children’s hobby my mother Michelle encouraged and helped my My younger sister Sophie I began purchasing jewelry from all over the world in Hong Kong, Thailand, India, USA.

Fast forward 10 years and I am now the founder and creative director of Missoma. It is a story showing that exciting things happen when we pursue the devotion, patience, passion we love.

You have a cult famous, what happened? Was it organic?
Over the years I have made an incredibly diverse group of women who wear misma in my own way, playing in theater, playing in my style. Seeing people wearing creations is one of the pleasures of fashion. We slowly made your name as your perfect jewelry brand for your day and all Missoma owners struggled to get rid of it after putting it down I know that.

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Margot Robbie was recently taken at a party before Oscar, covering her Lucy Williams × Mithma Necklace, and was also seen at the airport the following day. Claudia Schiffer and Meghan Markle have been wearing Missoma for several years. And, over time, we have seen that sectarian persecution has developed very organic.

When “Megan · Mania” appeared in full swing, did people realize that there is a big difference when people noticed that she is a brand fan?
Meghan was wearing Missoma several years ago, but her bright eyes steal Suits’ first campaign shot. She always supports us as a British brand and is calling Missoma on the Instagram page with a custom gold necklace carved with her name.

We are pleased that Megan continues to explode Missoma in its own way. She loves stackable rings, Mithma’s interstellar ring (£ 45) is a victory work for her delicate style and entry price for customers.

He also highlights his simple personality and loyalty to the brand he has loved and loved for years. Interstellar rings were always important sellers for Missoma, but since Meghan focused on traveling to Scotland, it is certain that sales and entertainment around the room increased dramatically and notoriously worn last year! In both cases, the ring is sold out, pre-order ordered, and I am convinced that the sale is good.

Did the business model change slightly along with the rise of Instagram and Influencer?
Due to increased investment in our online store, the brand model has changed from wholesale to online retail. Instagram is our most important social media channel. 70% of all sales are due to the channel at some point of its journey. In the first quarter of 2018, the Instagram episode has increased by 20%, and the engagement rate is higher than the world’s top brand jewelry brand.

Instagram Stories also put customers in the background of the brand, met the team, can see what we are doing every day, letting all the subscribers have a more personal journey. In this sense, we deal with Instagram in real lifestyle, share content created by many users, convert our images to “in-house”, of course, have been good friends for many years We will share the content of influencers. time.

Please tell us about collaboration with Lucy Williams.
Long time collaboration with Lucy Williams found a new audience but it was also organic. Marisa and Lucy met with each other’s friends and built a great friendship.One three years later, three collections were put in the pocket and collaboration continued. This collaboration will allow the wearer to interpret his way by seeing the style of Lucy’s desire, the unique design and finish of Misoma. Concept, creation, preservation is perfect harmony. More than anything, customers and Lucy’s followers have responded to authenticity as a collaboration to tell their continued desire.

How is Misoma’s client?
Our broadest audience is between 25 and 34 years old, but girls and women of all ages love and purchase brands. Due to its simple and everyday style, it is perfect for every generation. Maids are cool, eclectic and cultural. Busy with current work, everything can be found with Coachella. She likes to travel, but she works hard.

Collaboration with Lucy Williams was a great success.
Many exciting things of Missoma in the pipeline. We are working on a new creative collaboration … the remainder must watch the Instagram. We can not give too much, but otherwise it is afraid to pass Instagram!

How should I wear SS18 jewelry?
SS18 relates to the chain, Missoma has more than 20 kinds of chains of 4 different styles, there are five kinds of lengths of yellow gold, silver and rose gold. The possibilities are endless! We hope you will make your jewelry fun and personal for you. There is no rule!

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