All you want to know about Virgil Abloh

From a friend of BeyoncĂ© to her IKEA / collaboration, until the artistic director of Louis Vuitton men’s clothing, here you need to know Virgil Abrow.
Who is Virgil Abloh?
Virgil Abro (born in 1980 and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois) (son of a Ghana immigrant). His father worked as a seamstress, but his father was a painter. Growing, Abloh played Varsity Soccer and DJ Weekend as “Flat White”. He studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin, graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology and obtained a degree in Architecture. In his spare time, Abro made a graphic T – shirt sold on his own website. After discovering the place Kanye West printed the product, Abro decided to purchase G.O.O. West of West in 2003. The music logo of the line he decided to volunteer. After gathering the attention of the trader, Abro later persuaded him to give him a former Western manager. One month later, the west store blow stopped. To date, he is working closely with him. In 2009, Duo was interned at Fendi and launched Pyrex Vision in 2013. I got the champion Dead Stock and Ralph Lauren Tops and sold the word “Pyrex” for $ 550. As far as the fashion business is concerned, Pyrex Vision is aesthetized, watching Harlem’s children introducing Rick Owens and Raf Simons in a way that is directly related to culture. [Until now] High fashion instructed what happened in culture, for the first time by influential children of this generation. This affected the market. “After one year, it was voluntarily closed, and Abro launched its own brand” off-white “. In March of 2018, Abro was announced as Kim’s successor as a new creative director of men’s fashion of Louis Vuitton Jones.

Who did you work with Virgil Abl?
As a cooperator, Abloh works with Nike, Jimmy Choo, Levi, Moncler, VLONE, Warby Parker. He recently teamed up with IKEA on the household goods line expected to be released later this year. This month, we had an exhibition with Takashi Murakami at the Gagosian Gallery in London.

Who was wearing off-white?
Beyonce from Hadith, Kendall Jenner, Drake, and Immediate Rockies all torn off-white. This brand is one of the major brands of, with sales of Selfridges up 230% over the previous year. This brand celebrates the first appearance in the official program of Paris Fashion Week in the spring of 2014 and was awarded as a finalist of the LVMH award in 2015. Last year, Abro won the Urban Luxury Award at British Fashion Awards.

What does the appointment of Virgil Abro with Louis Vuitton mean for the fashion industry?
Given that many brands are suffering from thousands of years of generations, the appointment of Louis Vuitton Abro is a deliberate decision of a luxury house. His predecessor, Kim Jones, was honored to marry Haute couture and street wear. Highlights of his era are unique works that became goods before coming to the store like partnership with Supreme Cult skate brand, artists Jake and Dinos Gather Chapman who produce collections of sold-out apparel and accessories Is how Aburo should build the fundamentals he has built. “Since Virgil’s interest has grown since joining Fendi in 2006, he is pleased that his innate creativity and destructive approach has become very important not only in the fashion world but also in the fashion world Mr. Michael Burke, president and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton, said in his statement about his appointment: In the future of Louis Vuitton men’s clothing, his sensitivity to luxury and know-how In an interview with the New York Times, Abro said, “During the past eight or ten years, we had this conversation.New thing for me, A generational luxury. “He says that he has put” Branding Manual “on page 8 in place to define his new philosophy of Viton. “First, I’m going to define a new code, my muse is always what people wear and I am really excited about making it a luxury version.

As an American in Ghana, Abro is one of the few black designers remaining at the head of a traditional French house. Hopefully his appointment will mean the beginning of the era when diversity is eventually celebrated. “Today, you changed the story of the young black in the world’s biggest fashion house, it is part of the process not only by you but by the whole culture, we all take pride in you I’m thinking “Model / Actor Luca Sabat on Twitter.

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