Met Gala’s Catholic teaching encounters (although not surprisingly) many critics

Gala’s controversy
Well, Morgan Pier.

Met Galla came and took the most controversial subject and people continued talking about it. The evening theme was Heavenly Bodys: Fashion, Catholic, Imagination, named after Met’s latest show. And it is a star appearing in Rihanna’s literal papal hat’s best shot, using angel wings like Katy Perry’s feather. Not surprisingly, this event was criticized even though the Vatican was really involved.

Among other things, Piers Morgan wrote a MailOnline statement, this event is trying to imitate all religions at celebrity celebrations, stating “open and unreasonably rude”. In his room, we took time to watch the costume of women and the selection of their bodies. Room selection phrases are as follows.

“Go out for a party with the face of a famous person”

Kim Kardashian wore a Versace gold dress with a wide cross on her waist and torso (same hip and same torso, she was nude for the last 2 weeks). She had two more crosses on her bowie neckline.

“Ruby Rose was wearing her vulgar tattoo and a red tunic showing the cross.

Gala’s controversy


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A man like literally appeared in the figure of Christ with the crown literally, a man like Jared Lett, and all white and crossover of Chadwick Bozeman were missing in the room. Morgan admitted in his play that “You are never the most devout Catholic person you never meet,” but complains of anger dissatisfaction and accuses Mare Galla to be closed in a few hours], ” Finish “,” Muslim balloon “as the theme,

However, the Catholic Church was very attending MET GALA, attended by many members of the congregation, such as New York’s archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Doran. The Vatican lent 42 items to the Met Institute from the collection of the Sistine Chapel, they approved and the world famous Chapel choir played also at Met Gala.

On Twitter, the user’s message quickly pulls attention and gathered more than 7.5 thousand users and 2.2 thousand users a day. In this document, the user @ irmahinojosa_ added a screenshot saying “My religion is not a dress of MetGala”.

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