7 simple bees look like spring

Take your simple T-shirt and put out a bold pattern: Simply Be You can sort your wardrobe SS18

If you are confused looking for cool new work, Simply Be is just a ticket. The brand’s SS18 collection provides real punches of flowers, peas, decorated styles. Designed for size 12-32, you can get fashion according to the vacation season and you can celebrate your curve.

First, flowers. Is not it revolutionary at all in the spring? However, Simply Bie reinterprets plants with embroidery and embroidery, and creates texture prints and elaborate layers. And you can not go wrong with the corresponding agreement. Spend the elegance of light with a coordinated, decorated look. Red tone is particularly suited for transitioning from noon to night, “says Curie Hayley Hasselhoff, internal columnist.

Is not the flower yours? Instead choose another key trend of seasonal printing: Polka Dots are drawing attention while Vichy continues to be the favorite impression in the Streetstyle game. There is no need to worry about bold design. It’s easier to combine with your existing wardrobe than you think, regardless of the print selection you choose. Just find the main color palette of the wardrobe and choose a design that will supplement this palette. I am very confident by combining your prints with vibrant vivid colors and combining statements. Fashion likes fat this season.

In addition to the Hayley version of the June issue (now open), we gathered 7 best prints from Simply Be. Do not miss this hot tube by choosing the number of the flower from head to toe, or adding a pattern (Hello, Pineapple embossed bag) to loyal jeans.

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