Seven things to know about Kaia Gerber

Caia Gerber, I admire you. Foot, Wisdom, New Hot Omega Clock – We Take All

When she reached the age of 16 (the legal age limit of the podium model, FYI), Kaia Gerber went up on the podium at the Calvin Klein show in New York. As a daughter of Cindy Crawford, it was clear that he was following the footsteps of her mother in the modeling world. Last week, Kaia Gerber made a new debut. I cooperated with Omega as a face of a new jump watch. We are a model that means style rules, social flow, that it is really super.

She is not a super model. But yet …
“When people called me a model,” At least give me time! “” The top model of words should not be used recklessly, I think it is really worthwhile, but in the 1990s it is related to it It is an honor to do it. ”

She grew up with Omega
“The Omega Ambassador is a great honor for me, the whole family went to the Beijing Olympics with Omega, I was impressed by the Omega family, we got closer to each other on this trip. It is a company I wanted to want, “Gerber says. “Limeburg that can shoot with Peter only after Omega and my mother formally worked What we gave as a fly to this wall during this shoot is that Cyndi Crawford and Kia Gerber together Become it, boom!

Caia Gerber

Karlie Kloss gave me modeling 101 …


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“My mother never gave me a bridge lesson.In our mind model duo walks all day in the hall every day but unfortunately it will not be like” I I am not going to walk in the corridor of my house, I’m sorry to disappoint you, “he laughs. So, in addition to his super mother, who is the man who respects him in the industry? “I always saw Karlie Kloss, she was younger than my mother.When I started she was always giving me the best advice.

… But Cindy is his absolute incarnation
Kia Gerber said, “Because she is so plain, this supermodel of Cindy Crawford was not my mother, she was able to separate her work from her life, she admires it .

He has a golden rule of style and we are too
“I have a rule, I am Tom Boys I am comfortable because I am running normally.Wear daily jeans and sneakers, watch watches as accessories, like sunglasses you will feel good feeling wearing it Is part of history – it’s my favorite with omega safe – classic … I am the original one that gives me a modern feel [give to the design] Here is a complete safe There is a collection

Caia Gerber

She likes Snoop in her mother’s closet
“Child, I went to his closet, found his watch and jewels, piled them and literally weighed my wrist but now I am wearing my own security watch every day I do not need to steal it, “Not only did she not stop at the clock …” I am taking a lot of vintage works. It is the most symbolic work for me. ”

She is like us at Instagram
Apart from 3 million subscribers, of course … but Kaia Gerber likes how to express yourself in the app. “Instagram makes me really close to myself, I did not tell you how I live my life, I thought someone would start to follow me on Instagram when I was about 13 years old How did they find me? “My brother Presley, otherwise I do not know what he is doing! When I travel and do not answer, I must see where he is, some of the best advice that my parents gave to me, you saw the life of others, thank you It is to do. We think so too.

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