It is time to give seasonal new appearance to your hair

1. Natural
You already bought some key parts for the summer, maybe you bought a new makeup. But did you think about what your hair would do? Do not worry, we have to make every effort for you, wear this season and put together the hottest hair. What is good, they are all easy to do yourself.

In recent seasons, the hair is getting more and more relaxed, seems not to be too successful and attractive. “Hair in this season is not energetic, it gets a natural texture,” Fashion Week · Hair · Guru. “It’s more tough finish, flip-flop’s perfect wave, and details about the texture – turn it sideways for the feel of the 80’s, make it gorgeous with a diffuser,” Dry in the wind and dry .

Also, if you do not catch a hairdryer like a hairstyle, Guido Palau air-drys Akuris and styling cream to wet hair and naturally dries to enhance natural texture without hurting your hair.

Complete braid

You may think that a well-cut braid of a virgin sounds like hard work, but actually it is easy to do better knitting than confusion. Promise! The key is to prepare the hair and to knit a smooth and clean hair – then the chain will appear. In Temperley, a hairdresser, Antonio Corral Calero made a braid of a thick fish tail using a texture spray. While in Westwood, random hair switches were braided and covered with different size braids. However, while overlooking the runway, hair preparation was important again while suppressing aberrations by enabling braiding as much as possible. Fine hair can feel hair as more body using salt spray, thicker hair can produce a very smooth appearance using hair spray.

3. Retro cancellation

The hive is incredibly incredible. French wrinkles are serious dexterity. But these two retro looks were orbiting throughout the season is this gorgeous and voluminous crown that gives you an extra but subtle pitch. And when it comes to doing the right thing, it’s really easy. Do you like Guido at Miu Miu Show? After putting your hair in the pony, please use your fingers or use the handle of the pin-tail comb and stroke your hair with a hairspray while stroking your hair. But what about your back? The good news is up to you to decide whether you can shake or turn.

At Aya Hindu March, Luke Herseyson at a hairdresser has a good hair. In Derek Lam, the front part was exposed, the rest was covered with a scarf, and it was bound under the chin of Queen England. And it will not be easy.

4. Many ponies

This ponytail last season remained on the podium, but it was pretty cute for Chris Poofer Cain and Emilia Wickstead as it was disturbed by Prada. Of course, it is not rocket science to make regular ponies, but you probably depend on almost every day. Restoring your hair and making it safe, you are ready to go.


However, it will prepare your hair length with texture rising spray or shine to give a slight tendency. This not only supports your hair more, but also means that they will stay in place for a long time. Oh, please pull the hair forward to give it to you. “I did not try to make a hair, it is always very wonderful, it is a glimpse of not going out of fashion.

If there was an essential accessory for the catwalk this season, it was a hair clip. And what is good, they are not only easy to use, but also versatile. Whether you want to tie in to the inflatable pony for the appearance of BCBG, keep it in style with Margot Tenenbaum using it, or move on the way and drag a comb like a Gucci girl ,What are you doing? Are you with me? It belongs to you.

Finally, if you only need the last hot product, please do not close your eyes on the shelves of leaf beauty. About face mask, think about your hair. Redken is a leader of a soft mega-foil mask and is a hydration hair treatment. Following quickly, Ouai’s Anti-Fritz sheet continues, which is like instantly removing all fries and fuzzing immediately. They are not yet available here, but they came and we are expecting a fashion.

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