Unobtrusive clothes are something I never had before

In recent years, a woman, Marriam Mossalli, behind a popular book depicting Saudi Arabian women in everyday clothes that they want to describe women’s fashion changes,
“Saudi women are elegant and want to let the world know,” says Marriam Mossalli, a young woman behind the recent Saudi Arabian street style “Under the Abaya:”. This book is a showcase of street style photographs of women’s daily clothes of Saudi Arabia, making great waves with social media and international media. Thanks to the honesty and surprise of certain images. All the pictures were submitted by the women themselves and actually revealed the kingdom’s fashion. This is quite different from what is often perceived.

Although we are modestly wearing in the streets but there are more people not in Abayas, Marriam

“I wanted to introduce all the women in Saudi Arabia, which is how the concept” Under Abaya “was born. “Not only women working in fashion – actual women – teachers, salespeople, real women living in our country, what they really wear, important to me Books are internationally recognized about,

“Saudi women watching this every day knows what we are wearing but I am getting the greatest response from overseas people.” Perhaps women wear clothes in books Because it is not Abayas. They are elegant and comfortable, and in many cases are the same as you and me. Yes, in Saudi Arabia, a major change has occurred in recent years. ”
Maryam was born from American mother and Saudi Arabian father and spent most of her childhood in the kingdom. “I am wearing different clothes now”, “We want to mix and want to match.When anyone wants to wear as a kimono, wearing a dress or Abaya on his jeans, in Saudi Arabia You can see lots of things like that.

As Mariam, a former journalist and founder of Shoes and Drama, a fashion blog currently holding 44,000 followers at Instagram, lived with his own eyes, social media had a great impact on Saudi culture It was.

Mr. Maryam said, “Because everyone is a blogger or influencer, we were able to know whether someone in Riyadh or Jeddah is wearing their clothes, but now everything is consistent.Your picture” Female He was inappropriate and did not like pictures, men were afraid of “fond of women” photos, but these worries are no longer bad. It is not because they met me, because they are more interested. They are really interested in fashion, what is going on? All such communication is new in Saudi Arabia.

Recent mitigation of female law has been widely published in the media. Last year the woman was able to drive for the first time. Prince Mohammad Bin Salman of the Kingdom of Saudi said in March that women should not wear Abaya or cover their faces. The release of this book which revealed a unique style some women possess could not come at a better time.
The posture of a woman who hides her face is also changing. Mariam explains as follows. “Women do not want to show their faces, but they stylially covered some of their faces, in fact they were insulting that many girls would cover their faces.The problem of skin on her face A certain girl, she really does not want us to censor her face, I think that I will face each other for the next problem. Please find a book that started doing it. ”

All the girls in the book are nominated. They were asked to send their own pictures on the sentences about what people should know about them. “The reason why I asked for writing is that the book is not really fashionable, it concerns women in Saudi Arabia, I want the world to understand that we are not avatars in this media You are the only black Looking at you, hiding behind our guy, we are women who go out to get education – indeed, women are often educated more than men and want to hear.

What is the future of Saudi fashion? If the law is relaxed, will fashion trends be eased too?
“The fact that many people and fashion brands do not understand is that fashion is very enlightening in Saudi Arabia and women often chat with other women and take Abaya and their dresses are full, It does not display a list that is completely or completely covered.
“Unobtrusive clothes are something you have never experienced, you can wear your abaja, remove it, wear normal things, carry more than abaya, We are always covered.Wearing clothes discreetly, we will see more people, not Abayas, on the street.

The next Arab Fashion Week will be held in Riyadh this year and will bring the city to the industry.

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